Our Vision for Ireland

Protecting Free Speech

We believe deeply in free speech and believe the current liberal agenda seeks to silence those with opinions different to their own. They use tools such as the media and third level education to achieve this aim.

We will commit to protecting free speech and its central role in a free and prosperous society. We will put an end to divisive identity politics used to pit us against each other. Your value as a citizen should not be determined by race, religion, sexual orientation or political belief.

We will commit to lowering the licence fee by 50% and reducing RTÉ to two television channels and two radio stations. RTÉ has proven itself to be a compliant propaganda tool of successive establishment governments and it has had a damaging effect on the Irish people. Media organisations such as The Irish Times and Irish Independent which stifle free speech will not be subsidised or rescued by the taxpayer. The state should also not support these failing publications by advertising with them, which is especially irrelevant in the internet age.

We will not subsidise third level colleges who stifle free speech and discriminate against students based on political belief. As part of our Education Reforms, we will review all third level institutions and take action to prevent their faculties from pushing harmful agendas on our young people.

We’re organising to fight elections across Ireland based on conservative and nationalist values.