Our Vision for Ireland

Housing Reform

AfI believe successive government policies have deliberately exacerbated the housing crisis in order to meet ideological ends and enrich the elites.

We will import the Austrian model of ‘Limited Profit Housing Associations’. We will aim to have 30% of new Irish housing stock in this model by 2030. By using this model, rents will be pegged to construction costs and inflation – not the so-called ‘market rate’. By having a large proportion of housing in this model we expect the rental market to deflate. Those associations where the occupants contribute costs to construction of the build will be eligible to buy their homes after ten years at a heavily discounted rate.

Developers have never served this country well and we will refuse to sell public land to profit-driven developers as is being currently done by vested interests in the legacy parties.

We’re organising to fight elections across Ireland based on conservative and nationalist values.