Our Vision for Ireland

Immigration Reform

AfI resists any attempt by the establishment to force a million migrants on our population without our consultation by 2040.

We stand firmly against plans already in motion to dilute our national identity further than it already has been. As a proud nation with a distinct heritage and culture we must not let vested interests in Ireland and the EU destroy in a generation what has been the Irish way of life for thousands of years.

There is no segment of Irish society today that operates as it should. We lumber from crisis to scandal in every government department. If Ireland is unable to function properly for its citizens, then the government have no business opening the door to unskilled migrants from around the world.

As members of the EU we are bound to accept the free movement of EU citizens. We have done so without problem as evidenced by the large numbers of Eastern Europeans who migrated here when times were good. We believe that pending any proper reform of the EU we must operate a system of skilled migration to Ireland, whereby immigration is allowed only in the case of a particular skill shortage or where an employer sponsors that particular individual. This will ensure that those who come to Ireland enter with either a job or the prospect of a job soon after arrival. Immigrants must also demonstrate the means to support themselves for a period of six months after arrival. Nobody with a criminal record will gain entry. This system is in operation with many countries around the world.

AfI believe the current Direct Provision system for asylum seekers is desperately flawed and must be immediately reformed. We believe there are thousands of individuals here who have falsely claimed persecution in order to gain asylum. We must limit our willingness to facilitate these bogus claims. Reform of the system should include immediate deportation of all who have had their claim rejected at the first instance. The appeals process must be abolished. Attempts to force direct provision centres on rural Ireland is as much an ideological escapade as it is an attempt to house claimants.

We will centralise all genuine asylum seekers within a very small number of centres. After reform to this sector we expect the actual number of asylum seekers remaining to be negligible.

We’re organising to fight elections across Ireland based on conservative and nationalist values.