Our Vision for Ireland

Infrastructure Investment

AfI believe in the future of our rail system. We will invest in the electrification of existing track between Belfast and Cork, endeavouring to reduce journey times between Belfast-Dublin-Cork to three hours.

We will finance the construction of a spur from the Dublin-Belfast mainline to Dublin Airport and conduct a study into the opening of a new line connecting Derry and Sligo.

We will develop the existing Air Corps aerodrome at Baldonnel into a joint ‘civil-military’ airport as is common in many other countries around the world. Baldonnel will become a second airport for the Dublin area, catering to small to medium sized jet and turboprop aircraft.

AfI want to create Central Business Districts within our cities consisting of high rise landmark buildings. We will introduce legislation ending council veto over this area.

We’re organising to fight elections across Ireland based on conservative and nationalist values.