Our Vision for Ireland

Irish Unification

AfI believe Ireland will never reach its full potential while there remains a colonial occupation in the north. We stand for the reconciliation of our people and territory forthwith.

While recognising that Ireland can only belong to Irish citizens – we also recognise a significant population of our citizens in the north identify culturally with Britain and/or Scotland.

A constitutional realignment on this island constructed by AfI will ensure that the Ulster-Scottish identity is protected and nurtured, placing particular emphasis on the Celtic bonds that tie our people together.

Pending the reintegration of our national territory, we will appoint a Minister of State for Unification who will take responsibility for drawing up plans to ensure the transition is facilitated as efficiently as possible.

As we approach the 100-year anniversary of the First Dáil, we remember that Ireland elected TD’s to that Dáil from all 32 of her counties. We will implement reforms in the Oireachtas to ensure once again that all of the nation is represented.

We’re organising to fight elections across Ireland based on conservative and nationalist values.