Our Vision for Ireland

Invest in Neutrality

AfI want to see the immediate restoration of pay and conditions for our Defence Force personnel to pre-Crash levels. It is government policy to deliberately run down the Defence Forces, to encourage short term contracts and to push serving soldiers to early retirement. All aided and abetted by political appointments in the General Staff. We will stop this.

While paying our soldiers, sailors and aircrew a fair wage, we will also invest heavily into new equipment that will help us make our neutrality effective. We propose to buy new Air Defence Radar Systems, Interceptor Aircraft, Maritime Surveillance Aircraft and increase personnel levels.

We will undo the disastrous reorganisation and revert to the previous three brigade structure. We will also open a new airbase at Shannon Airport.

AfI in government will pledge to only commit Irish soldiers to UN peacekeeping missions and reject attempts to form an EU army.

We’re organising to fight elections across Ireland based on conservative and nationalist values.