Our Vision for Ireland

Pro Family

AfI believe in the central role the Irish family plays in the Irish nation. While the establishment thwart the Irish family at every turn through punitive cost of living increases and lack of services, we stand for the nurturing of the family. It is the intention of the establishment parties to supplant the Irish people by importing a million non-Irish to Ireland by 2040. We reject this. We also stand firmly against abortion on demand.

We will secure the future of Ireland by incentivising the Irish people to start families. Our measures will mean hard working families get the tax benefits they deserve. Our young adults will be encouraged to marry by introducing tax allowances. Those who have two children or more will be eligible for a lump sum payment to help toward the deposit for a home. The process of adoption will be streamlined so that those who are unable to conceive see this as a viable option.

In most urban and commuter areas, both parents must work full time to ensure ends meet. Their children are being raised in non-descript childcare centres by strangers. We will make it more attractive and cost effective for one parent to be at home during their children’s formative years.

Irish families struggle with the highest mortgage rates in Europe. If our banks will not lower the rates we will do it for them by introducing government backed mortgages at rates that will completely undercut the banks.

We’re organising to fight elections across Ireland based on conservative and nationalist values.